Challenge of the future


I see pieces of my future
floating like 3D images
When I touch them
they are not there anymore

I would like to stare at them
a little longer, remember every detail
instead I put them together
rebuild them with words
they change but I have to be ready

I feel I can write music of my future
my days my nights set me free
listening to the unknown melody and
running on the strings is just a breeze.

author: greenlifenow
artwork: Arkadiusz Janion


Published by


As many of you know had two authors: greenlifenow and avemi but run out of space recently. Two new blogs are in the making, more space to write and create.... Please head on to avemi's new blog and greenlifenow's new blog (this one) See you soon! Thank you greenlifenow and avemi ! Don't forget to visit: - greenlifenow's blog in English - art, painting blog

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