When the world froze, brightness opened its eyes
Barren land whispered with creaking frost
Broken heart fell into the arms of love
Lost mind was found

Why eyes missed a cold smile before?
– not wanting to disturb tenderness
so that goodness of a man would
warm up my body
After all, there is no sin in being close

The tears stream down only at night
on the wounds never asked to come
and in the morning I ask again – why?

author: avemi
artwork: Arkadiusz Janion
translation: greenlifenow


Published by


As many of you know had two authors: greenlifenow and avemi but run out of space recently. Two new blogs are in the making, more space to write and create.... Please head on to avemi's new blog and greenlifenow's new blog (this one) See you soon! Thank you greenlifenow and avemi ! Don't forget to visit: - greenlifenow's blog in English - art, painting blog

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