Finders keepers

I have not forgotten this feeling
how to embrace who I am
who I’ve always been
tip toeing on the edge
life and death crawling
choice at my feet
water so deep
I could hide in there forever
if I could breath
if I could break the rusty chain

Precious moments I remember
I haven’t seen it all yet
I have not forgotten how
smooth sail feels
how to find a key
when it is almost too late
too cold too broken
Never too dark too quiet
to feel too happy.

author: greenlifenow


Published by


As many of you know had two authors: greenlifenow and avemi but run out of space recently. Two new blogs are in the making, more space to write and create.... Please head on to avemi's new blog and greenlifenow's new blog (this one) See you soon! Thank you greenlifenow and avemi ! Don't forget to visit: - greenlifenow's blog in English - art, painting blog

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