Time stopped in my calendar
on the ninth day
So I know that you took my heart
for better or worse

I know how much you want to keep it,
hear what it says, where it was yesterday
and tomorrow, and at midnight

Am I going to see the future?
In those walls out glass?
You know how impatient I am,
not to be broken and that
I will put myself together again?

You hide it in a jar like illegal money
You are such a dreamer, a heartbreaker,
a butcher of my own words, which you know,
on which you are waiting for
of course, I can not change what you’ve done

Set me free, return me where
my place is even if it’s just a dream
Surprise me, surprise me again!

author: greenlifenow


Published by


As many of you know kontynentix.WordPress.com had two authors: greenlifenow and avemi but run out of space recently. Two new blogs are in the making, more space to write and create.... Please head on to avemi's new blog poezjakontynentix.wordpress.com and greenlifenow's new blog (this one) kontynentixpoetycko.wordpress.com. See you soon! Thank you greenlifenow and avemi ! Don't forget to visit: kontynenty.wordpress.com - greenlifenow's blog in English malarstwoipoezja.WordPress.com - art, painting blog

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