Seven wonders and you

Seven wonders of the world
everybody wants to see
take pictures, buy souvenirs
but there is more

there is you and you
irreplaceable – the only you
unforgettable only as you can be
inspiring when you read the clouds

loving everything that walks
and breathes, writes and paints
with colors and words
you, who see everything in between
and nothing is no longer nothing

you and your garden which is more
important then all the kings
and even me

and you all who put up with daily crap,
rules that are very broken
..personal agenda, favors, dirty money..

golden ticket gets you in until
you have nothing left but clarity
until you look yourself in the eye
so deep that it hurts, but it gets better

and you with beautiful souls
born with the smile of an elephant
you are all very special!

author: greenlifenow


Published by


Greetings from my Poetic Soapy World and poetry blogs! If you are looking for info and goodness about handmade natural organic soaps please click on the link below. And hmmm while here do not forget to head on to poetry blogs and read lovely poems from avemi and greenlifenow (aka soapy bubble greenlifenow). Greetings from authors greenlifenow and avemi! greenlifenow is a bilingual poetry blogger, art lover, interpreter and recently became involved in her world of handmade natural soaps avemi loves writing poetry and is a very talented artist her paintings can be found next to some poems - English blog - Polish blog - world of soaps that are good for your skin - art, painting blog

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