Lavender morning


I look into your world
without leaving mine
I reach for grey, layer after layer
hidden lavender comes to life

I run bare feet splashing silver
dew around
until sun comes out
until the softness dries out

Until I cannot scrape any more
true colors and feelings and silence
falls where my feet danced
missing the next early morning
right now, right away.

author: greenlifenow
photo: Alina
photo art: greenlifenow


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Greetings from my Poetic Soapy World and poetry blogs! If you are looking for info and goodness about handmade natural organic soaps please click on the link below. And hmmm while here do not forget to head on to poetry blogs and read lovely poems from avemi and greenlifenow (aka soapy bubble greenlifenow). Greetings from authors greenlifenow and avemi! greenlifenow is a bilingual poetry blogger, art lover, interpreter and recently became involved in her world of handmade natural soaps avemi loves writing poetry and is a very talented artist her paintings can be found next to some poems - English blog - Polish blog - world of soaps that are good for your skin - art, painting blog

6 thoughts on “Lavender morning”

    1. Health benefits of lavender are huge. Lavender essential oil is so good for the skin that’s why it is used in soaps lotions bath salts. I just run out of lavender bath salts…what am I going to do now? Did you know that there also is yellow lavender? It grows tall and wide:)


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