And she comes to you


Looking into your eyes closely
thousands of years play in my window
brookstone road I see
memory of a home
meal snack hunger
one’s last breath
is the sweetness you crave

Eternally young, you walk
in time, but so lonely you are !
Taste of Parisian blood
Scarlett drops from streets of Louisiana
you breath in when you dream
remembering her cherry lips
tears fall at her graveside

And she comes towards you
looking alike your loved one
For yourself only you want her!
But how not to lose again
what won’t last forever?

autor: greenlifenow
photo art: greenlifenow


Published by


As many of you know had two authors: greenlifenow and avemi but run out of space recently. Two new blogs are in the making, more space to write and create.... Please head on to avemi's new blog and greenlifenow's new blog (this one) See you soon! Thank you greenlifenow and avemi ! Don't forget to visit: - greenlifenow's blog in English - art, painting blog

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