I am a snowflake which
is not going to reach you
I melt in my own wishes
I melt while you wait
for the warmth of the first sun ray

author: greenlifenow


Published by


Greetings from my Poetic Soapy World and poetry blogs! If you are looking for info and goodness about handmade natural organic soaps please click on the link below. And hmmm while here do not forget to head on to poetry blogs and read lovely poems from avemi and greenlifenow (aka soapy bubble greenlifenow). Greetings from authors greenlifenow and avemi! greenlifenow is a bilingual poetry blogger, art lover, interpreter and recently became involved in her world of handmade natural soaps avemi loves writing poetry and is a very talented artist her paintings can be found next to some poems - English blog - Polish blog - world of soaps that are good for your skin - art, painting blog

3 thoughts on “Snowflake ”

  1. A snowflake I want to be
    with precise carvings
    of lines that cross and
    glide with other snowflakes

    when it’s very cold
    I truly feel and live
    to the fullest and
    everything makes sense

    The summer kills me
    instantly but I love roses
    white and red

    Not wanting to ever melt
    I must fly to Alaska
    and comeback to dear places

    Thank you for stopping by szelestna 🙂 I really like the cold more than warm 🙂 but I live in the very warm place and always dream of cold air:)

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  2. So, now, I do understand you more. I do like every season.
    Today, driving home I had the very first snowflakes flying over me. With the evening coming fast, the snowflakes were more and more withe and withe…


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