I’ve been trying to dig you out
to show you the world in a daylight
hidden you remain in a digital cloud
stubborn like an old tree root
unique version that can’t be shared
no matter what I do
walk away or sing
refresh or restart the machine
or eat a few tomatoes
your own sunshine beams on my skin
your warmth reminds of a toffee
my heart swallowed you already
your love your story
walks with me
did you think it can happen
like that?



I am a snowflake which
is not going to reach you
I melt in my own wishes
I melt while you wait
for the warmth of the first sun ray

author: greenlifenow

Sweet surprise


Sweet surprise
for my friend

Awaken by the scent of macchiato coffee
foggy morning drifts away
I run where the lemon trees grow
baked into pound cake of our friendship.

The lemon icing flows like clouds
Soft, white, nice to the touch
Makes me wonder how they
really taste like?

Thank you for making
my morning sweet
For delicious words
and real treat!

author: greenlifenow
artwork: greenlifenow



You dream about flowers
in a middle of the winter
about petals that fall down
under your feet

But frolicking ocean blooms
looks like a flower but petals lacks
and colors what not
but still you planted the only one

Is it gonna make it to the summer?
Or is it marked for loss?
Or maybe it is for supper
seasoned with greens by the host?

artistic drawing: Arkadiusz Janion

Flame of passion


You always warm me up
but I fear that you do it
just for the principle.
Passion is the fire
it rules with its flame
wraps from everywhere
and digests.

Before the fire goes out
consuming part of the world,
it turns victims to ashes
that’s how the fairy tale ends
feelings of a man who fell
in love with a flame
disappear without a trace.

author: avemi
translation: greenlifenow
photo: avemi

Ocean of feelings


Ocean surrounded me
Flowed raging waves
I’m afraid that I’ll drown
around all is flooded.

Waters strangely red
with reflection of torn heart
Abundant stream still flows
rocking my life …

author: avemi
artwork: Arkadiusz Janion
translation: greenlifenow