Dreaming again…
the same dreams
in different dimensions
in layers of my memory
became greener and shimmer
like new
like that rainbow
that I saw last month
that in me remains

photo art: greenlifenow



I am a snowflake which
is not going to reach you
I melt in my own wishes
I melt while you wait
for the warmth of the first sun ray

author: greenlifenow

You can

New Year brings unknown
you can start all over
you can find joy in
first snow and touch of sun rays
you can wish health and success
and look deeply in their eyes
crush what didn’t happen
the way you wanted to
and you can go on another
journey and admire
everything again
and you can fall into
a rainbow of hope
and keep writing
in the horizons of dreams

autor: greenlifenow

A tree with strong roots

Drzewo z silnymi korzeniami zaśmiewa się ze sztormów. 

Those are very strong words and they make me realize how strong you have to be to keep facing reality and past and future. Being aware of your own strength, of your own roots in life will carry you on to never ending harmony and happiness. 

Stay strong. Live in harmony.




I hear nothing only
ocean’s whispers and music of water drops
maybe I am inside of the seashell
with thick walls
It is so smooth here  
as gliding on ice 
but I am not cold
I get used to it
and I keep picking
like a curious creature
fascinated with ships in the clouds
and sapphire bow
that links the ocean and the sky
the one that brings closer
but doesn’t mix
never ending individualities

author: greenlifenow 
photo: greenlifenow 

How did you become?


How did you became
so green so yellow?
I just sat in the sun with
no sunscreen –
If I may, I will speak
the language of a leaf –
but before I had white spots
different I always was
but I didn’t ask for it
I just grew on the tree
all the others got used to me
gave me more shade
so I wouldn’t change
but I age, think more
say less.

author: greenlifenow
photo: greenlifenow