I had to know how I feel
find the real me
in the mountains
maybe I hoped for too much
maybe I was already half broken
before I saw myself
to the top
closer to the clouds
further from reality
the blade of life is cutting me
deeply but my wounds healed
when you saved me
l learned to hide scars well
nobody knows I saw hell


Whispers by magnolia tree

To the magnolia tree
you take me
can you hear her heartbeat ?
with poetry of love it speaks
the magnificent flower
surprises me
delicate yet strong it seems
the lines of long petals
draw beauty and simplicity
in the air
it’s good you took me here
I whisper to your ear

In between songs

The morning bird wakes me up
it is going to be an ordinary day
sing the the sky and the trees
somebody loves me
somebody wants to tell me
somebody cannot live
without me
glass of red wine reminds me
the evening when he loved more
when I loved more of what is
going to be gone
in seconds
when we had to let go
before the night swallows us
for the last time
before I forget how it is
to love
in between songs

author: greenlifenow 
fotoart: greenlifenow