In the shadow and sun ray

To see the beginning and end
the roots start and part
I go on a short morning walk
to a tree on a quiet street
where the shadows expose me
in the rhythm of the day
when the sun rays suck me in
the autumn game

author: greenlifenow 
photo art: greenlifenow 


White hat


Breath changes into

bucket of tears

last one

Century old

falls like a morning fog

In the white hat

you sleep and dream

and death finds you

but you wear it


in heaven.

author: greenlifenow
photoart: greenlifenow

Irish Poet


To drink or not to drink?

The Irish Poet cocktail is
like a poem, they say
The light rose finish
with the lemon note
the whiskey rocks
black tea floats
the recipe follows me
gold coin I find on my way
today is my lucky day.

author: greenlifenow
photo art: greenlifenow



Piano violin and three saxophones
in the middle of the winter play
the lesson about music and landscape
with touch of cello
surprised you yesterday

No sun but you smiled
Wet snow drew your path
beyond everything you know
but still you wanted
to go back to your world.

author: greenlifenow
photoart: greenlifenow
photo of city: avemi
photo of foggy landscape: Alina
painting with musical instruments: greenlifenow

Sweet surprise


Sweet surprise
for my friend

Awaken by the scent of macchiato coffee
foggy morning drifts away
I run where the lemon trees grow
baked into pound cake of our friendship.

The lemon icing flows like clouds
Soft, white, nice to the touch
Makes me wonder how they
really taste like?

Thank you for making
my morning sweet
For delicious words
and real treat!

author: greenlifenow
artwork: greenlifenow

And she comes to you


Looking into your eyes closely
thousands of years play in my window
brookstone road I see
memory of a home
meal snack hunger
one’s last breath
is the sweetness you crave

Eternally young, you walk
in time, but so lonely you are !
Taste of Parisian blood
Scarlett drops from streets of Louisiana
you breath in when you dream
remembering her cherry lips
tears fall at her graveside

And she comes towards you
looking alike your loved one
For yourself only you want her!
But how not to lose again
what won’t last forever?

autor: greenlifenow
photo art: greenlifenow