I hear nothing only
ocean’s whispers and music of water drops
maybe I am inside of the seashell
with thick walls
It is so smooth here  
as gliding on ice 
but I am not cold
I get used to it
and I keep picking
like a curious creature
fascinated with ships in the clouds
and sapphire bow
that links the ocean and the sky
the one that brings closer
but doesn’t mix
never ending individualities

author: greenlifenow 
photo: greenlifenow 




        Once more I will look at those lovely colors
amazed with the peacock’s eye spots
by the fountain of eternity
flight to familiar places 
but you look from above
and see millions of us

Hiding your own beauty behind yourself 
but I know you well
loosing feathers once a year
growing new ones 
more beautiful then before
eternally new you are.

author: greenlifenow
photo: greenlifenow

How to resist

This is a theme poem written by avemi to Sweet surprise by greenlifenow

How to resist sweets
when tempted from everywhere?
Running ahead every day heals
when the routine is suffocating …

Space, veiled by the fog
is waiting for me
with gray fields and willow trees…

the sweet surprises on them
in different flavors
whisper and tempt.

author: avemi
translation and editing: greenlifenow



You dream about flowers
in a middle of the winter
about petals that fall down
under your feet

But frolicking ocean blooms
looks like a flower but petals lacks
and colors what not
but still you planted the only one

Is it gonna make it to the summer?
Or is it marked for loss?
Or maybe it is for supper
seasoned with greens by the host?

artistic drawing: Arkadiusz Janion

Such a dream…

Winding roads, shadows everywhere
nightfall or the eclipse?
The bird no longer cheerfully sings
Wind rips out big trees
from fear I close my eyes

Is that music playing somewhere ?
No, it is the element
from everywhere flooding world
with streams of tears and suffering.
I can see the earth in the distance
I can not save anything.

Locked are all the gates
and nobody’s plan matters
There is nothing left
in predictable dream
I open my eyes … my old world
floats close by.

author: avemi
translation: greenlifenow

Roofs in Bern


I would like to fly in the universe
like free birds with no passports
to the country in the mountains
far away from the sea

I would like to see this city
in silver glow with you
before people wake up
before the stars fall asleep.

Author: avemi
translation: greenlifenow

artwork: avemi

Snow flower


Although delicate like music notes
He defeated the icy snows
He proudly raised his small cup
up into the sky
in the triumph over the icy element.

Swayed by sleepy wind
Intimidated by the touch of sun ray
Welcoming every day with smile
He says that springtime is coming.

author: greenlifenow
photo: avemi
translation: greenlifenow