Piece of heaven

Piece of heaven

See, she was lost like a stone in the river
sleeeples nights destroyed her peace
and every moment was a sacrifice

Breathe my dear lady, your savior is coming
to rescue your sanity and stop those tears
that burn the air

So you loved running away to buy tomatoes and chicken
You saw rainbows in gray sky and heard Mozart when
riding your old bike for five minutes but
You thought you were gone for days

He lifted your face
Your eyes found understanding
He didn’t have to give long speaches
for you to see that you were never lost
Never a stone but your sacrifice
just bought You a piece of heaven
in the middle of the world

You think he has healed you
Yes, his presence broke the darkness of your doubts
The misery of being trapped for hundreds of years
was gone in seconds

You can smile
the victory is yours
and only yours
and you can teach
Our old lady to remember
where she put her things.


Acrobat NaPoWriMo 2



He swims in the air
Weightless feather

Strong heart and arms
Catch the chain with perfection
of an architect who builds worlds
writes with his body like a poet

I saw waterfalls pouring with his breath
trees in his face wrapped around me
I fell out of my seat to be carried away
to his island that safely hangs so high

Spinning with colors around me and wheels
above my head he created a spaceship
Now I travel hungry for more and
I cannot undo what I saw at the end

A bird whispered to me: you are ready.

Silence and Rain Poem 1


Poem 1

Silence and rain

I cherish silence around me

Like a lollipop that doesn’t last

Sweet and gone before I can blink

Silence is gold so I don’t say a word

The morning treasure spoils me

from time to time but a wonderer

in me plots something

I put it aside and listen to the rain

from yeasterday remembering

I wasn’t even mad at slow drive and heavy trucks.

Rain and silence keep me growing.