Bamboo moment


Bamboo moment

Strong coffee tastes better
when I watch bamboo grow
I often forget to eat
mesmerized by the wind
talking with the leaves

The green offsprings stand taller
than any other tree
I think you did good with planting it
here in front of me

It’s been only a year and
I can no longer reach this tree
It no longer leans over with a limp
blocking the walkway

Listening to the bamboo rain
takes me away
although I don’t go

I stay within reach
for bamboo me and you.


Death of the the Acrobat

Death of the Acrobat

Colorful bird was walking on earth
Suddenly it flew up into
highlands of fantasy.

Shiny legs glided faster then wings
Hands didn’t shiver a bit
holding on to the air of death
and amazement.

Faith on a safety string
destiny not written in the stars
hope rained with sadness.

The blue feather slipped down
into the darkness in lights
too soon too hard.

We paint the world

We paint the world

There are so many events
new people to meet and
interesting things to see
How not to enjoy living?
How to neglect the past?

Many things wait ahead of us
Although we get tired faster
I grab the quill and write
I take a brush and paint
a smile with colors

I hear the singing of the birds
outside my window
delicate and faint
Neighbor with velvety voice
learns a new serenade
Blacksmith sculpts new gate
more beautiful then others
Somebody else mows the lawn
changing the scent around

Everyone paints the world
in a different way
We all have a lot of
strength to create

When the moon shines
our dreams come true
When the sun rises above us
we can catch all we can.

translation by greenlifenow

Course of life


Course of life

Sitting, thinking I listen to
the rustling waves
Looking in the distance
I turn myself off the stage
of rushing and yearning
I will fish out ocean jewels

The water was wavy and so wild
Sun rays sprayed warmth
Silky droplets whispered
in love with their kingdom

Closing my eyes
in the shade of palms
I renew pact with life
Waiting for a better formula
to surface from the abyss of wisdom

Pulling out good news
from the net of the world
I free my thoughts
that were trapped in
the depths of existence
I will sail my own way.

author: greenlifenow
art: meduse

Angels and bullets

Angels and bullets

The earth is a magical place with
soft grass and blue sky
We are so lucky to be alive
We can build paint talk
and pray day and night

The angels listen and smile
They love me
I wish I could grab their wings and
Help somebody understand the world

The bullets although in cases
burn my body
My heart breaks thousands of times
But keeps beating like a machine

Pain doesn’t matter but the soul is lost
in the army of lies
The power is an ilussion
in the ocean of bad reflections

He stands again and wants to hurt
the earth and flowers and angels
He is so guilty of craziness, blindness
I just want to say please leave
if you don’t like it here

The bridge between is breaking
the last connection falls down
My angels try not to cry
bullets of threat fly
in my heaven

I look for shelter, for simple answer
Deep down I find my sword
I practice I make scary faces
but the threat doesn’t go away.

I hate this game of hiding
lying low in beautiful towns
only to jump suddenly
to destroy to burry
what we love

My darkest angel is strong and smart
I dance to his moves
his elegance draws me closer
We continue winning with smiles
We wipe out sadness from faces

With one look ….

Rocky words

Rocky words

Rocky words settle down
in the soft grass, you run like a child
Darkness turns into brightness
answers flood your dreams

You go through the desert of souls
your strength leads you
to the water of life

You survive the storm again
lightning destroys your fears
Astonishment dissipates like ash
The good times comeback.

author: greenlifenow

Piece of heaven

Piece of heaven

See, she was lost like a stone in the river
sleeeples nights destroyed her peace
and every moment was a sacrifice

Breathe my dear lady, your savior is coming
to rescue your sanity and stop those tears
that burn the air

So you loved running away to buy tomatoes and chicken
You saw rainbows in gray sky and heard Mozart when
riding your old bike for five minutes but
You thought you were gone for days

He lifted your face
Your eyes found understanding
He didn’t have to give long speaches
for you to see that you were never lost
Never a stone but your sacrifice
just bought You a piece of heaven
in the middle of the world

You think he has healed you
Yes, his presence broke the darkness of your doubts
The misery of being trapped for hundreds of years
was gone in seconds

You can smile
the victory is yours
and only yours
and you can teach
Our old lady to remember
where she put her things.