Acrobat NaPoWriMo 2



He swims in the air
Weightless feather

Strong heart and arms
Catch the chain with perfection
of an architect who builds worlds
writes with his body like a poet

I saw waterfalls pouring with his breath
trees in his face wrapped around me
I fell out of my seat to be carried away
to his island that safely hangs so high

Spinning with colors around me and wheels
above my head he created a spaceship
Now I travel hungry for more and
I cannot undo what I saw at the end

A bird whispered to me: you are ready.


Silence and Rain Poem 1


Poem 1

Silence and rain

I cherish silence around me

Like a lollipop that doesn’t last

Sweet and gone before I can blink

Silence is gold so I don’t say a word

The morning treasure spoils me

from time to time but a wonderer

in me plots something

I put it aside and listen to the rain

from yeasterday remembering

I wasn’t even mad at slow drive and heavy trucks.

Rain and silence keep me growing.