Pineapple soda or Anana Fizz

So I visited my friend today after a long time. I knew she is a non drinker so I bought a cake from Argentinian bakery. While in the store I grabbed a bottle of a pink grapefruit flavored soda. Next to the cash register I saw another big bottle of pineapple flavored drink. Because it was a champagne shaped bottle, I asked specifically if it was a non alcoholic beverage.

pineapple fizz
anana fizz from Argentinian bakery.

The pretty girl with black hair answered no alcohol so I got it, thinking kids are going to have fun drinking something like this. More fancy than just a bottle of sprite from Wal-Mart.

We pulled out the plastic cork and tasted the drink. I said after a few sips that I don’t like it. Moments later I felt funny and weird. I looked at the back of that fancy bottle and guess what, it had an alcohol content of under 5%. We started laughing. This was like a such a big surprise, totally unexpected.

Real anana fizz. I will look twice when buying stuff from international markets. Ha ha ha.


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