soft padded floor 
will protect from bruises 
happiness in the cruel world 
has to be guarded 
It seems that safety lock is enough 
and that all people who smile
won’t hurt us 
but it is not true!

Listen to this beautiful song. It’s awesome. I was looking for something better than anything today and I found it. This is it. Chris Corner IAMX thank you!

<a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k58LRJ3tIdg&amp;feature=share”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k58LRJ3tIdg&amp;feature=share</a&gt;



Out of nothing
out of dust and emptiness
colors are brewing
because of the sun
because of the green trees
sounds strike silence
where the birds used to fly
you talk to me from
behind the glass
I imagine every word
because I like to imagine things
because things that I imagined
come to me ….


the ocean …
touchable escape
for a searching soul
in me
in every season
opening my eyes to the world
waking up every frozen cell
cooling my atoms
for a perfect reaction 
minus all cozy distractions 

the strange but not foreign 

pulsating giant flower
of the earth
the sun ray catcher
my remedy for sadness
and beginning of happiness
where everything keeps floating
until you sink it

author: greenlifenow
photo art: greenlifenow