For your birthday
I send you a song early in the morning
instead of a card
I send you my heart in four lines
you can listen to the sounds now
those minutes without me
won’t be so bad in the world of sharks
till the evening
till your cake is served




365 days without you
sadness and emptiness still keep coming
I thought I was strong
that a hug and a warm blanket…
would be enough
I needed somebody to say it didn’t happen

tossed in a corner
may the rose thorns 
pierce your hearts

let the chocolates be your prison

surrounded by wild river

unloved unwanted 

the sadness in their eyes

hunts you even when

you turn your back

escape is impossible

roses of the world are coming for you
millions growing in years to come
not the first time
the v day lost its charm

can’t be undone…

You are not telling me but I know

Rain is coming

but not a drop falls

the signs I read and see

but the obvious is not happening


I understand the nature

the freedom of the sun and moon

the prince of darkness or light

you are, I cannot decide


You are not telling me

yet you smile when I look at you

Am I, am I, am I?

your sunshine

when you cry?


Stepping together on this earth

is magical my dear

your heartbeat is the only thing

I want every day

to hear








Birds fly in pairs to a nearby tree

 for better or worse

they always sing 

and carry the perfect branches

to build their nest

Love needs enough love to survive

it always exists in our minds 

even after it ends

the wedding is canceled

boxes of vodka in the garage

won’t go to waste

you almost danced

on the sparkling floor of the future

laser lights divided worlds

into skyscrapers and homeland

wrapped in thorns

instead of white dress

I feel your pain …

Must not be open …

Unwritten words
thousand thoughts
ignite patterns
unburry love
from underground
my own broken links
mold into the reality
I hurt no more
miracles like you exists
darkness belongs to a different
dimension of my life
must stay hidden on the bottom
of the ocean
must not be open …