Run to the water lilies 

I run to the water lilies
from early morning hours
they are there – water birds
flying flowers – not drones

I look down on them

they lift me up

tiny giants

in ancient pond


Must not be open …

Unwritten words
thousand thoughts
ignite patterns
unburry love
from underground
my own broken links
mold into the reality
I hurt no more
miracles like you exists
darkness belongs to a different
dimension of my life
must stay hidden on the bottom
of the ocean
must not be open …

I hear you

I hear you from the distance
uncrushing me calling me
ocean of dreams
endless waves
expressing everything
if you want to see and feel


I had to know how I feel
find the real me
in the mountains
maybe I hoped for too much
maybe I was already half broken
before I saw myself
in the middle of a mountain
and on the top
closer to the clouds
further from reality
the blade of life is cutting me
deeply but my wounds healed
when you saved me
l learned to hide scars well
nobody knows I saw hell

To the window smasher

Sneaking at night 

afraid to show his face 

just another coward 

undeserving his mother's smiles

attention seeking low life

looking over his shoulder

day and night

covered in microscopic glass

karma is watching

fix yourself 

stand out 

time for a change!

Whispers by magnolia tree

To the magnolia tree
you take me
can you hear her heartbeat ?
with poetry of love it speaks
the magnificent flower
surprises me
delicate yet strong it seems
the lines of long petals
draw beauty and simplicity
in the air
it’s good you took me here
I whisper to your ear