Translate worlds

I translate worlds and what it means
to stay in just one
sleeping in my bed
slipping from the edge
being caught by the darkness
I call home
I translate memories hugs scents
I am mad about you world

I am mad at you
that I fell for you so many times
that I sat under the big tree
with Seraphine and Ed
for too long

I am mad at you
that you allowed your own walls to crumble
that your warriors were not awake
that love and clarity didn’t win
that they kept mixin’ …

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Cannot laugh or cry right now
winning feels like loosing
deep wound kills me in my sleep
poisons palm trees in the field
arsenic ghosts settle in coffered ceiling
my blood is boiling spilling
where I should be grilling
pre-addendum for gold diggers
– denied by dreamers
Nemini confidete!
there is no justice in crooked
barely hanging nails and beams
dents in the gutters
construction standards are falling behind
greed and deceit and rush
– in pretty office and paper – is wrapped
– there is always a catch
the inspection is a joke
and I didn’t need a microscope
but I am worry free
when my Porsche carries me
my smooth machine
metal precision
and my vision my decision
dent free

Tłumaczenie w toku …

Ani śmiać ani płakać nie mogę
gra wygrana choć przegrana
zostaje głęboka rana
co się stało to się nie odstanie
znów tu się zaszyję … ale odżyję

Transatlantic roses 🌹

Dreams wash out with rain
only to comeback later
melting fears and doubts

blooming in my heart like roses
that you drew for me once

taking me on transatlantic trip
clouds smoothing sharp thorns
before they fully grow before I loose hope

but I am waiting and sinking in their crimson petals
floating in the worst till the end

but it is not ending at all
but somehow I am sailing the world

sipping wine, knowing everything is fine
with you and that it is snowing where you are

I bury my hands in my dogs fur
more often now

he knows what I don’t know…
he hears what nobody can…

I am going where my dreams are
and it is a little easier

not to feel what I am missing
all the time

Music by magnificent #sonlux

Tall tree

Tall tree – you stand by me
I almost passed you by
running to the sea
I almost never looked at you
like this
I hope you know what
you can do to my soul
when something goes wrong
when something goes right


The winds bring me closer to you
I am sailing within your heart
going under the pier
surrounded by seaweed
touching my skin
wrapping me like
I belong to the sea 🌊

Wiatry przenoszą mnie bliżej do ciebie
żegluję w twoim sercu
wciągana pod pomost
osaczona w seaweed
dotykające mej skóry
zabandażowana jakbym
przynależała do morza

Music by #O.N.A

Can’t promise you anything

Can’t promise you anything
but I’ve got you

we will ride out the bad times
we can still walk outside
look for leaves and angels

can’t promise you anything …
but we make strawberry soup spiced with hope
we travel on the silver spoon bridges

the impossible months stole
all plans – more to come
better or worse?

strength is wrapping my will to live
around love with desires stirred
by the unknown

future tomorrow, future in today’s hours
is what we have

I am well when I am close to you

carry on send me a new song

Music from the one and only Marilyn Manson – HALF-WAY AND ONE STEP FORWARD


From the new album WE ARE CHAOS, produced by Shooter Jennings & Marilyn Manson. Out now.

Blue voice

Blue voice from the depths of the ocean
sits with me on the beach like he knows me
better than I know myself

I come closer to the edge I am drifting
and standing at the same time

I am my own life raft – although I have you,
you are not here

Everything pulls me in all the directions
no one sees my internal crossroads

I easily loose track of time when
I stare at the clouds

my face is sunburned and covered with sand
it is not the end of the world yet
the blue voice said

must I feel tectonic plates crumble
deep inside the earth?

moving oceans and flatlands
further away from me?

must I feel my spine hiding years
and steps of the giants?

ahead of me unknown future calls
my footprints on the shore are making
the new path

Music by beautifully sounding #ritualdrops

know where you step
know to step lightly on the stones
you will avoid being hurt
all the time

greenlifenow aka @kontynentalpoet

Going nowhere

From here to there, there are places waiting for me
world is screaming not the right things not loud enough
till November till November

in silence I dream hearing abandoned bricks and pathways
caught by invisible bat web, going nowhere from my cave

dancing in the darkness seeing them twisting
their left and right wings

stealing their moonlight,
stirring up their peace

growing my wings


My world needs to be rescued
the insanity of an artist painting
screams in the fields
is an old preludium to the future

now and then
then and now

the soul suffers fires when
the wind charmingly plays
underneath the lonely tree

this world is the undream
undoable curse in the novelty

humanity is on edge
but we must stand strong

we know right and wrong


Music by Turkish band #shepastaway #katarsis

#goth #postpunk #darkmusic