To the window smasher

Sneaking at night 

afraid to show his face 

just another coward 

undeserving his mother's smiles

attention seeking low life

looking over his shoulder

day and night

covered in microscopic glass

karma is watching

fix yourself 

stand out 

time for a change!

Tropical dreams

Cruising within worlds
from winter to summer
falling but not dying
admiring leaves and ships
returning to bloom
like flowers
to walk on the tropical beach
finding yellow sponges
swirling water with seaweed
being me within me

Whispers by magnolia tree

To the magnolia tree
you take me
can you hear her heartbeat ?
with poetry of love it speaks
the magnificent flower
surprises me
delicate yet strong it seems
the lines of long petals
draw beauty and simplicity
in the air
it’s good you took me here
I whisper to your ear

Too late or too soon

Butterfly flew away
rewarding my day
with a moment of truth
forgotten whispers of a spring
mixed with the sounds of tires
on the nearby street
appear when they want to
to keep me closer
to seven wonders of the world
to keep me frozen in silence
to let the butterfly sip the nectar
from my flower that blooms
too late or too soon

How much I love my plant
only I know
It surprised me today
just blooming again
confused or crazy?
its scent is heavenly
fresh and clean
and I miss it already
and it walks after me
in between beige and ivory
blooms of the early evening
the effect of a flower
nor white nor pink
where the butterfly likes to rest

A few words about the plant. It never blooms in April or I really don’t remember. Normally it has a lot of flowers in December so I was standing with my mouth open when I saw the butterfly resting and drinking from it. Two beautiful things at the same time are so special on any day especially on a Wednesday. Its effect is echoing in my head and my heart is so much happier because I saw this beautiful moment because I live for moments like this. Let’s keep going. I am hoping you saw something magical yesterday and today. The butterfly flew away just before I took this photo. That’s what they do ! 


soft padded floor 
will protect from bruises 
happiness in the cruel world 
has to be guarded 
It seems that safety lock is enough 
and that all people who smile
won’t hurt us 
but it is not true!

Listen to this beautiful song. It’s awesome. I was looking for something better than anything today and I found it. This is it. Chris Corner IAMX thank you!

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I’ve been trying to dig you out
to show you the world in a daylight
hidden you remain in a digital cloud
stubborn like an old tree root
unique version that can’t be shared
no matter what I do
walk away or sing
refresh or restart the machine
or eat a few tomatoes
your own sunshine beams on my skin
your warmth reminds of a toffee
my heart swallowed you already
your love your story
walks with me
did you think it can happen
like that?

4 minutes 

Now is the time
to be a mother warrior
because all mothers
have more power
because they can stretch
beyond ordinary things
because they can walk on fire
for you and you
fight this fight with words
I can
fight day and night
for every child
for every dream that was ended
with bullets
for every dream that didn’t have to end
for every deadly orange sized wound
for every piece of shrapnel embedded in your body
for every life that was suddenly changed
I can walk and find your pain
on the hill of flowers and teddy bears

those who failed to act when
there was a dire need
push the blame
day after day but the guilt
will rip them apart eventually

they need to go to 1200 building

only if one person put it
on their priority list
only if 18 year olds
where not able to buy guns
only if the ones who
allowed AR-15s
to be widely available
stopped it before it was too late
they could have…

What were you thinking
when you signed that bill Mr?
Were you drunk among hundreds of others?
I am a mother and would not sign such a thing
I know better then you
I don’t do what others tell me to do

yet I respect all around me

I don’t smile for the camera
but I look into your eyes
and I see a shallow men
I trust you to keep youth safe
but your brains are
just dead meat

only if I could multiply
I would be there
to speak in congress
to lead the world
to make it better
to be that policeman
who didn’t go in
hiding by the staircase
to be that captain who failed
to issue a better command
hundreds of us wouldn’t hesitate
to run inside
Students and teachers didn’t – to protect others
The heroes and angels they became forever
and they didn’t have no guns
just themselves !!!!
they were not prepared nor trained to stop the gunfire
yet you were but didn’t try
you could have taken a few steps
the gunmen would flee
lives would be saved
one or seventeen
4 minutes of hell
would not happen
only if …

Let’s make world a better place
Stop gun violence
All lives matter
Stay strong
say no to guns
choose to say something

#poetry for MSD
#power of words
#for MSD strong
#from a Mother of MSD students
#choose to speak up