Salvator Dali surrealistic dishes

“Beauty should be edible, or not at all.” – Salvador Dalí

Extravagant and exotic

I have my eyes on the book with surrealistic dishes Les diners de Gala. Dalí published this cookbook in 1973. Only 400 copies were thought to remain after the first print. Some collectors paid as much as $25,000 for the precious first edition. Thankfully, over 40 years later book publisher Taschen printed the book again in 2016. The artistic culinary masterpiece is still available, for now…

Dinner parties thrown by the artist and his wife and muse Gala were legendary due to most visionary and sensory menu being served. Thinking about ingredients like truffles, frog legs, and Viking herbs makes me want to experiment in the kitchen or canvas.

The only thing on my wish list

The book is on my Christmas wish list. I have read on other blogs that they don’t print too many copies and I am freaking out that my Santa might not get it if he waits too long. I will publish my wish list early this year, I don’t want to be disappointed. I don’t need anything else. Just this book.

I know it is early but…

Imaginary fall

It is the middle of October already. I can feel it is fall and almost hear the rustling leaves. I can thank my imagination for that. It is hard to notice fall in Florida, especially in the beginning. Humidity disappears and days are a little shorter. Lucky me because I love dark long evenings.

My thoughts about Dali

I am a huge Dali fan. Ever since he appeared on the horizon of my own existence, probably in my high school years I was fascinated by his persona and art. Complicated, vivid, different and yet so deeply personal. Each Dali painting is more like a journey into his dream. He called Freud his father. I absolutely love the elephants in his paintings Swans Reflecting Elephants and butterflies in Butterfly Ship. Always thinking if he really saw it. Birds are no strangers on his dinner table. Peacocks with feathers as decorations and ducks for the plate. Another observation is that his paintings are very futuristic.

The connection to TV show

If you watched Hannibal series you must have noticed super fancy cosmic dishes he prepared and served his guests. Strangely Dali’s cookbook ends with his painting called History of Cannibalism. I don’t know how the executive producers came up with the presentation of the dishes but I hope it was Dali who inspired the gourmet side of the show.

Edible art edible dreams


There are 136 recipes in the book with great photography and sketches. I can’t wait to hold the book!

Any art-loving person or a chef would love to have this book in their library or on a coffee table.

Thousand Year Old Eggs or Veal Cutlets Stuffed with Snails, anyone? I rather drive in the Cadillac Rainy Taxi decorated with them.

dali museum car front one snail
Dali Museum St. Petersburg Florida by greenlifenow


dali museum car front snails
Dali Museum St. Petersburg taken by me

I will settle for smoked eel on my next trip to Poland where you can buy them from vendors by Baltic Sea.  That will be instead of Dali’s Conger Eel of the Rising Sun.

I certainly would love to try Toffee with Pine Cones for dessert!


All book photos courtesy of Taschen


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Poetry book review … the tears that stained the glass by @booksbyamh

Poetry book review

tears that stained the glass

by poetry author @booksbyamh

I always liked discovering new authors especially poets. So when I got my hands on the tears that stained the glass poetry book I got to reading and thinking. Thank you @booksbyamh!

amh is not just an Instagram poet, she recently published her poetry book and she loves butterflies 🦋

Being Instagram poet is awesome as you can quickly connect with other poets or not so quickly … it depends … but we know this! I love connecting and being spontaneous.

The poetry world exists on its own, in this dimension or slightly above or maybe even underground that’s why I love it so much. I always find it or it finds me.

I finished reading the poetry book the tears that stained the glass by @booksbyamh and I am glad I did. She takes you on a journey to strength. You quickly connect with her words and what she went through. She doesn’t give up! The poems weave into a story and it is hard to put the book down. It is available online everywhere on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo, Book repository, Kobo and Kindle plus more.

.. i hope you pick up a copy… 🦋💙❤️

My new book arrived

My book arrived yesterday. Still warm and smelling like the new book should. Fresh ink and paper.

I can tell a lot went into writing and gathering the correct information because world needs to know.

So many missed things, lack of accountability led to so many failures. BSO couldn’t communicate because they were using wrong channels on their radios. This is so ridiculous and unacceptable especially when people were dying! We lost precious children and teachers. Florida needs to wake up!

Public only sees small piece of what went on. Public only reads certain articles and not all. Public moves on. I move on but keep going back very often. Everywhere my daughter goes she meets kids who were in 1200 building or people who knew somebody. She comes back with a lot of stories.

That’s why the newly published book Why Meadow died by Meadow’s dad Andrew Pollack and Max Eden is so important to read so your children and grandchildren can simply have safe schools. We need safe schools. We need better programs for troubled kids. We need responsible adults monitoring school grounds. The author and the activist wants you to know. He wants to #fixit. You need this book on your bookshelf.

To this day I keep finding articles about the massacre. Articles that I have never seen before that were written in 2018. I thought that I fished out every piece of information that existed on weekly basis but there are more and they are good, very good. For example googling “was the door to 1200 building open”? brought surprising results. Things like that there was another officer assigned to school who was by the school but didn’t do anything… didn’t run … didn’t radio anybody … I have no words!

“Why Meadow died” is available on Amazon

click on the link below and support #meadowmovement #fixit

book why

I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and holistic wellness.

If you are not …

If you are not crying now
If you haven’t cried yet
go to their graves
If guns didn’t scare you before
imagine holes in their bodies
If you haven’t known them alive
now you know their names
If you want all children to
make it through high school
be the one who watches over
be the doer, be the builder
fence maker, designer
bring your ideas to light
be the breaker of boring
political agendas,
be the bulletproof window
be the corner that’s always missed
be the one who listens
be the one who sees
be the lock on the doors
say stop say no …

band #ǝțâ ΛЮƂǪɃЬ ΦЇƆϯЇNĠ

Song Lyrics below:

Hear me, when no one else will hear.
Hear me, when the whole city is asleep. (x2)
Hear me, when no one else will hear
Hear me, when the whole city is asleep.
I walk with you to the rooftops
You attract me like a magnet
My tenderness
Hear me
I want to see you next to me. (x6)

#stopgunviolence #neverforget #msdstrong






Instead of rain
instead of sorrow
sign of happiness
above my head
blooms in yellow
a parachute
holds me on its strings
entangled in silence
tasting the unknown
gaining strength
to keep stepping into
life’s labyrinth again …



Zamiast deszczu
zamiast smutku
szczęścia znak
nad moją głową
kwitnie żółto
na którym wiszę
zaplątana w ciszę
poznaję smak
zbieram siły
by móc iść
przez życia labirynt


In mountains I dream
catching falling leaves
pretending everything is cool
taking steps on dangerous paths
rocks crumble where I stand
close to death close to life
the time breathes for me
I am not used to feeling sad
I am used to hurricanes
I can take the heat without a tear
my own thoughts
I fear
but where do you run
from your own voices
when the mountain you see
is too far?

World moves on but we don’t forget

World moves on fast and forgets but what happened cannot be forgotten. It needs to be spoken about, seen, felt like nothing else was before. It should be studied and re-analyzed. Advances in technology will show new things that we couldn’t see in 2018. And now I think about not being able to share many of my poems from the blog to my Facebook page. Advances in technology fished out words and phrases from my poems. Someone was doing it so quietly that I didn’t even get a warning message. Nothing. Finally copying the link worked but before today that didn’t work. I write so I don’t forget how it felt. How it feels. Sharing to Twitter is working like a charm. So more policeman were fired for not doing their jobs on 2/14/2018. WTF what took so long? I remember a person was fired from my work for sleeping on the job very quickly!

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